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Give your calves the best protection against scours colostrum can provide.

1.To provide protection against scours in baby calves by vaccinating the
mom who will pass the antibodies on in her colostrum

2.Timing is important because mom starts making colostrum up to 6 weeks prior to calving

3.The “bugs” we are aiming at protecting against are the Rota and Corona virus, and E. Coli

Scour Bos® delivers in ways others can't.

Give your calves the best protection colostrum can provide. Early annual re-vaccination with Scour Bos®, at 8-10 weeks before calving, gives cows time to produce colostrum with the broadest, most enriched defense against scours. That way, they pass on stronger, longer lasting protection for healthier calves.


Heifers and Cows with unknown vaccine history

-The first vaccine is given 8 -16 weeks pre calving – discuss this with a veterinarian/
staff member when you are booking your pregnancy testing!
-The booster vaccine is given a minimum 4 weeks prior to calving. There must be
at least 3 weeks between the initial vaccine and the booster vaccine
-Timing with this vaccine can be very flexible with the large timeframe windows
-As to which vaccine (ScourBos 9 vs ScourBos 4) is given first depends on
each producers situation – discuss with your veterinarian

 Mature Cows with previous vaccination history

-One dose of ScourBos 9 8-10 weeks prior to calving

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