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The Skox isn't real, but RABIES is. 


Report an incident

If a wild animal is suspected of carrying rabies, the incident should be reported to your local conservation officer. Call the Ministry of Environment's toll-free line at 1-800-667-7561.

Human Exposure

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health deals with human exposure to potential rabies cases as per their normal procedures. If someone has been exposed to an animal that is suspected of carrying rabies, they should contact the local public health office or the Saskatchewan HealthLine by dialling 811

If this incident resulted in an animal bite, the affected area should be washed immediately with soap and warm water. The exposed person should see their family doctor or local emergency room department as soon as possible. The doctor will consult with a local public health official to see if preventative treatment is necessary.

The Rabies Response Program

To protect the health and safety of the Saskatchewan human and domestic animal populations, a provincial rabies response program has been developed. Private veterinarians across the province will collect samples from suspect animals and submit these for rabies testing under direction from the program's Rabies Risk Assessment Veterinarian (RRAV). Test results will be reported back to the submitting veterinarian and to the RRAV, who will ensure that test results are further distributed to all relevant parties. The RRAV will also coordinate any response and follow-up activities necessary in the event of a positive rabies test result.

Rabies hotline:  1-844-7-RABIES (1-844-772-2437)

Email: RRAV@gov.sk.ca

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